How My Anxiety Affected My Health…

After my eventful summer in Italy (previous blog post) I continued to suffer from panic attacks and struggled to eat. Although they did happen less often, as time went by I still couldn’t figure out why.

It got to the point where I was getting symptoms of a panic attack even when I didn’t feel anxious. I would feel dizzy, get random pins and needles in my hands, feel tired and down all the time and I even lost my appetite more than I already had.

I continued to have no control whatsoever over this, after being told so many times that it was ‘just anxiety’ I was constantly feeling down, I felt like I would never get over it. This was when I decided to go back to the doctors.

After getting some blood tests done I was told my vitamin B12 was extremely low, to the point where I had to have injections to boost it up, as vitamin tablets would not be efficient enough and would basically do nothing at this point. I had to have six injections done over two weeks, however as I was going on holiday for three weeks this made this process very confusing. Not only did I have to wait till I returned to get the full amount of injections done, I also had to wait till I got back for blood test results to see if I had pernicious anaemia. If I did this would mean my body was unable to absorb B12, causing the deficiency.

If I did have pernicious anaemia I would have had to have injections every 3 months for the rest of my life. As someone who struggles with injections, this was a big thing for me to face.

Fortunately, once I returned I was so happy to hear that I did not have pernicious anaemia and the cause of my B12 deficiency was due to my diet. As I had been eating so little since my anxiety attack in Italy this had lead on to this. In order to recover from this I had to change my diet and eat more foods containing B12, I also had to return in six months to be sure my new diet had worked and my B12 levels remained high.

From this point forward I continued to have my injections till all six were complete. I went on another holiday to Tenerife and managed to enjoy myself, eating a reasonable amount. After six months I returned to the doctors and was told my B12 levels were back to normal. I did begin to feel much better and I noticed a massive change in being able to control my anxiety, this was the start of getting my life back together.

Although people are quick to tell you it is ‘just anxiety’, if you feel like it could be more than that go to the doctors and ask to get some blood tests done. Vitamin deficiencies can cause you to feel different in ways that can increase your anxiety. I went to the doctors so many times before this and was told it was just anxiety, however it was only when I was given blood tests that I found out it was actually more than that.

It is worth the trip.

5 thoughts on “How My Anxiety Affected My Health…

  1. I’m so proud of you you have come a long way since 2 years ago I’m with you every step of the way to your road to recovery love you 😘 xxxx

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