Anxiety Free Spa Weekend in Reading!

Pushing myself to do something as challenging as going to Paris has not only left me with the benefit of feeling overly proud of myself, it has also come with many other positive aspects.

Recently I have gone away with my boyfriend to Paris which was a big thing for me, as I had never been away without my parents before. However going to Paris has made me realise that pushing myself leads to many benefits. Not only do I now want to challenge myself and go to places further away and more exotic, I am also starting to find going away from home very easy.

The river outside the spa hotel.

For my 20th birthday, my best friend got me a spa weekend in Reading, for the two of us. Noting that in the past, even a 20 minute train ride could cause me anxiety, I did not feel the slightest bit anxious when thinking about this trip. Before Paris I had taken many train rides up to Bristol, although they were only 2 hours long I would feel anxious every time. Since Paris, this distance no longer feels bad.

During a stressful period I usually find that I begin to feel more anxious about the slightest things, especially with university deadlines coming up. So to have just a couple of days away from reality was such a breath of fresh air! With my best friend too, it was such a laugh!

Jacuzzi, steam room, massage, pool and the list goes on. The spa was located right next to the river making it even more relaxing. With full access to the spa all day, there was not a single sign of anxiety or stress.

As someone who has travelled to many different countries from London, including America, Canada, Tenerife and many more, holidays were always such an exciting time for me, I would literally count down the days. The fact that the excitement I once had has turned to fear is really upsetting. I am eager to change that this year and I am already seeing positive differences.

If there is anything that makes you extremely anxious, I highly recommend pushing yourself because it will only get easier. I understand this can’t relate to every situation but for me, the more I push myself, the less anxiety I feel.

4 thoughts on “Anxiety Free Spa Weekend in Reading!

  1. The spa sounds like it was fantastic! In therapy one day my therapist told me that my anxiety is what pushes me to do better and try new things. It seems to be the driving force behind what I do. I’m glad you are able to find the positive and go for what you want to do because it isn’t always easy!

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